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My favorite ham radio activity is building and maintaining Amateur Radio repeater systems. I enjoy building electronic circuits/equipment, but building repeaters is the most enjoyable.

I earned my ham ticket in 1977, upgraded to General in 1978 and then to Amateur Extra class in 1980. I work the HF bands including CW and SSB, but most of my operations are on 2 meters (SSB and FM) and 440 MHz (FM).

I strongly support bringing youth to ham radio. I enjoy helping codeless technicians successfully get on the air and advance the art of amateur radio. How will they learn about amateur radio without the help and those who have tried EME, satellite, DX, packet, RTTY and other modes. I remember when I first earned my license how helpful the local amateur operators were (W4IGW, WA4RWK, WA4VVX, WA4BJY, NO4Q and K4BEZ.)

I started experimenting with repeaters in 1982 while at Tennessee Technological University. At that time, TTU had a VHF Engineering "home brew" repeater, running split site, to a hustler G6 and a ringo. We upgraded to Hamtronics transmitter and receiver kits (I assembled the kits), a Wacom duplexer, and a 4 dipole array antenna. The Cookeville Repeater Association generously purchased a 100 watt amplifier for the machine. At the time we were using a home brew 6802 controller. During the summer months, I returned to my home in Humboldt, Tennessee where I established a repeater on 145.35 MHz. I used a GE Mastr Exec receiver and a GLB 4 watt transmitter. The controller was again homebrew. I also helped build the 145.31 repeater in Jackson, Tennessee (KF4SC).

When I started working as a DJ at WGSQ-FM, (Country Giant, 94.7) in Cookeville, I built another repeater, this time on 145.11 MHz, with emphasis on HT coverage.

In 1991 I moved to Tullahoma, Tennessee. At this time, the vision was to install a 2 meter repeater that would link Nashville and Chattanooga, which are cites mostly cut-off by Monteagle mountain. While we have several excellent repeaters that cover each side of the mountain, no one machine attempts to bridge across the mountain. I built 145.41 using a Motorola MSF5000 and Wacom Duplexers.   The machine is located on Monteagle Mountain, about 2300 feet HAMSL. This site is designed to fill the gap between Nashville and Chattanooga.

All hams are encouraged to use and enjoy all of the repeaters! Have fun and be ready for emergency communication needs. more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!